Tonight we want to tell you a story...

What arcane meaning lies behind the name Feffarkhorn?
Now it's time to find it out, together!

"Fèffarkhorn" (aka Mazariol in Cimbric) ) is a small and mysterious creature who used to live in our woods and on the Dolomites. He was good spirited, but also a prankster, sometimes vindictive with those who betrayed its trust.
Dressed in red with an old shabby hat and cape, almost resembling some old folk. Legend has it that he defeated Attila - when the Huns were about to attack our region - blowing on their fires and setting their hides on fire, turning the pans with their food over, pulling the hair of those asleep and finally tying together the tails of their horses.

It is also said that those following his footprints were forced to follow them down to the cave where Feffarkhorn lived - there they were then forced to drink a goat milk magic potion and to fall under his spell… from hence the popular Veneto dialect saying: “No cascar ‘entro te le peche del Mazariol” (don’t fall in the Mazariol’s footprints).
Like many other folklore, mysterious characters, one could meet him riding a raft down the Piave river during a full moon night, spiteful as always!

And what about you? Wanna follow Feffarkhorn’s footprints?😉